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Elevate your recruitment process with our ATS. Seamlessly manage applicants and effortlessly track talent with our robust ATS system.

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PULSAWORK ATS for Quality Recruitment

Manage the entire recruitment process and ensure that all recruiters have the same information!

Recruitment as you envision

Create personalized job offers, design custom forms, or simply customize recruitment steps within the hiring process. PULSAWORK seamlessly adapts to the unique needs of your company.

  • Design custom forms.
  • Adjust recruitment process steps according to your existing workflow.
  • Create requirements for recruiters at each recruitment step.
  • Establish manager approvals before final candidate acceptance.
  • Review the work history with the candidate.
  • Share recruitment and candidate-related notes.

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Seamless Transition from Candidate to Employee

  • The complete employee lifecycle is seamlessly managed within PULSAWORK, where all relevant documents and personal information are located.
  • Easily navigate candidates through the entire recruitment process and proceed further.
  • With centralized data in PULSAWORK, you can seamlessly convert a successful candidate into an employee, generate documents, and manage onboarding.

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Everything is Ready in PULSAWORK

Make the most of your existing team and data within PULSAWORK. Seamlessly involve managers in the hiring process with just a few clicks.

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks and leverage the data already available in PULSAWORK for your open positions with templates for your faster movement.
  • Keep hiring managers in the loop effortlessly, as they'll have a single, comprehensive tool to manage all aspects of the hiring process.
  • See comprehensive statistics over whole recruitment automatically generated by PULSAWORK.

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Excellent experience for applicants and recruiters

Enhance your recruitment process for both candidates and recruiters with our PULSAWORK ATS. Increase job visibility, simplify application processes, optimize communication, efficiently manage candidates, save valuable time and resources, and enable informed decision-making with data.


✖ Without PULSAWORK Applicant Tracking System (ATS), hiring can be slow and complicated.

✖ Without PULSAWORK ATS, top candidates may go unnoticed.

✖ Communication gaps can be costly in terms of time and money.


✔ Quickly review resumes, maintain candidate details, and seamlessly update applicant records.

✔Centralize all information about the candidate in a single database for efficient tracking and comparison.

✔ Manage the entire recruitment process with PULSAWORK and ensure that all recruiters have the same information!

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