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A modern cloud platform can meet the needs of your company to make the right decisions in a world full of information.
Everything you need for successful management of people and finances.

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Company with overview

  • Pulsawork is a cloud platform.
  • We are accessible from anywhere.
  • We have integrations with partners.
  • We exchange data online.
  • We have features for streamlining the company.
  • We generate reports, overviews.
  • We increase productivity.
  • We automate processes.
  • We reduce costs.
  • We improve management based on data.
  • We are available 99.98% of the time.
  • We prioritize security.
  • We are cost-effective.

Streamline your company with data in one place.

Check invoices and expenses

HRIIS provides a complete set of tools for checking issued invoices, received invoices and expenses in cost centers, giving you a powerful tool to streamline processes and control direct and indirect expenses.

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We stand by key decisions.

With one source of data for human resources, financial controlling, operations, and planning, we bring uniqueness in making key decisions based on data for all levels of company management.

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Technological innovations for business growth.

We bring the latest cloud technologies, innovations, and automations to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

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A flexible platform for a changing world.

Just as you need to adapt in a world of changing information, our unique architecture allows us to reflect on these changes and adapt just as quickly.

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Why digitize with us?

See what you can achieve through data centralization, digitalization, and automation.


of saved costs after
implementations GPS monitoring


of time saved on
CV processing


saved processing costs on
invoice matching

4D → 1,5D

necessary controlling
at work

7D → 1D

shortening approval of
received invoices

10D → 2,5D

shortening the time of cash cheque
inclusion into cost centers


average savings
per month on expense controlling


average savings
per month in the HR department

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Do you want to get ahead of the competitors?

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„Innovation and digitization knock on all doors.“

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