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Without Excel, automated, with overview, just a few clicks, and everything in between.

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PULSAWORK as a unique solution to gain a competitive advantage

See how selected tools that you can use to get ahead of competiors make your work easier, make processes more
transparent and save time and money

Digital employee cards

Employee data in one place

You won't have to search for employee information in various sources or spreadsheets anymore. Everything from personal information, training plans, surrendered assets, salaries, to documents is securely stored in one place, even after their termination.

Leave statuses automated

Our platform automatically calculates employee leave, allowing supervisors to plan leaves and employees to easily view their balance.

Absence overviews at the workplace

Every employee has access to report their absence at the workplace. Supervisors can see who is off-site, working from home, and employees can record doctor visits or other absences in just two clicks. A simple overview of absences is available for managers anytime, and all workplace absences are automatically transferred to a monthly report.

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Full-fledged cloud attendance

Experience the convenience of full-fledged cloud attendance, fully integrated with the system without the need to transfer data between systems. Attendance allows for day closure, recording presence at the workplace, recording night shifts, and more.

Employee Shift and Absence Planner

Our attendance system fully allows supervisors to schedule employee shifts and plan absences at the workplace. All this data is transferred to monthly reports.

Attendance evaluations and corrections with exports

The result of planning is a comparison with reality, and the system automatically highlights any discrepancies that do not match the plan. Supervisors can make corrections to attendance and export everything for accounting programs or payroll purposes.

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Payroll data

Record of advances, deductions, bonuses, and allowances

Record all rewards, bonuses, allowances, advances, and deductions, including full management approval. All these approved payroll documents are transferred to the monthly payroll processing file and are accessible to the payroll accountant.

Attendance as part of the documents

Attendance records are part of the monthly payroll processing, which is generated with just one click. The records include summaries for individual days, including overtime, doctor visits, and absences recorded throughout the month.

Approval of documents, record locking, and a single source of truth

Lock records by departments, review approved records, and automate monthly attendance processing by departments, for the entire company, or even for the entire holding.

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Employment contracts and terminations

Automated contract management system

Create complete contractual documentation for employees including compensation terms and monitor the validity of all contracts between companies and employees.

Bulk contract generation with one click

Generate complete contractual documentation including attachments with just one click, even for bulk employee onboarding.

Digital archive accessible in a secure cloud

Archive all types of documents directly in employee folders and have documents available for viewing in a digital archive.

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Our modern platform can make your work easier, make processes transparent, and save time and money

Modern cloud platform allows you to easily manage the entire process of employee recruitment and management
employees, on and off boarding, generate documents, have training and development under your thumb and
much more

Organizational Structure and Work Positions

Clear organizational structure even within the holding

A transparent organizational structure is the foundation of every company. With us, you can literally draw it out, even for the entire holding, and assign individual department and division heads.

No more duplications in positions and job descriptions

With position management, you can clean up all duplications of duplicated positions, job descriptions, and other positions in the organization. With positions defined in this way, you can start recruitment in just 2 clicks.

Automated assignment of work tools for each position

Do you have different work tools for different job positions? With us, it's easy because each position allows you to define what should be issued to whom when they start employment.

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Employee Portal and Digital Archive

Employees connected with the employer

Through employees' access to the portal, the employee and the employer are connected. The employee finds information shared by the employer, and the employer has everything in one place. A Win-Win situation.

Lightened HR department and overall employee support

By consolidating all employee profile data in one place and providing employees access to this information, the HR department support is significantly lightened as employees have everything they need just a few clicks away on their mobile phones.

Digital archive of all documents

Saves significant time in searching and storing all relevant employee information from their start to finish. Everything together and neatly organized.

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Posted Worker and Foreigners' Visas and Residences

Posted Worker under control

Posting employees abroad comes with a lot of responsibilities and documents to manage. With us, you'll have an overview of the processes, posted worker, and the validity of deployments.

Visas and residence permits for foreigners with simplicity

Managing visas and residence permits for foreign labor is a complex process. However, with us, you'll gain an overview of the processes, dates, deadlines, and statuses of applications and approvals for your future employees.

Controlling and document generation

Document generation is an important function that helps speed up the entire process. Controlling adds a stamp of quality to managing the process and reduces the error rate of data entered into all documents for various authorities.

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Why digitize with us?

See what you can achieve through data centralization, digitalization, and automation.


of saved costs after
implementations GPS monitoring


of time saved on
CV processing


saved processing costs on
invoice matching

4D → 1,5D

necessary controlling
at work

7D → 1D

shortening approval of
received invoices

10D → 2,5D

shortening the time of cash cheque
inclusion into cost centers


average savings
per month on expense controlling


average savings
per month in the HR department

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