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PULSAWORK as a unique solution to gain a competitive advantage

See how selected tools that you can use to get ahead of competiors make your work easier, make processes more
transparent and save time and money


Access approvals from the entire system centrally.

  • Approvals in one place.
  • Classification of approvals based on source, status, requester, and date.
  • Option for bulk approvals.
  • Overviews of the status of approved, rejected, and pending approvals.

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Fleet Management

Managing the fleet, including document generation from a single place.

  • Records of all vehicles in one place.
  • Records of all types of inspections, highway vignettes, license plates, owners, and authorized drivers.
  • Generation of documents necessary for vehicle assignment and management.
  • Filtering by various fleet parameters.

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Record precise flows of goods movements.

  • Detailed records of movements and detailed information about the means carrying out the movements.
  • Warehousing of goods immediately upon receipt.
  • Advanced history from the beginning, including transshipment of goods.
  • Filtering based on various parameters.
  • Document generation.

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Assets and Inventory Management

Manage all your assets with clarity, generate documents, and save time.

  • Advanced company asset records.
  • Records of company-assigned assets, current inventory status, on employee cards, in individual warehouses.
  • Generation of issued and return slips.
  • Setting up processes in the warehouse related to asset handling.
  • Positioning system including records of current asset occupancy.
  • Terminal with the possibility of connecting to forklifts for efficient picking directly by the operator in the warehouse.
  • History of all operations on assets.

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Accommodation Capacity Management

We have solved the challenges of managing accommodation capacities for you.

  • Overview of all accommodation capacities under your management.
  • Management of total capacity, or by individual rooms and occupied beds.
  • Utilization graph of accommodation capacities by individual days.
  • Advanced filtering with various parameters.
  • Calculation of employee costs based on the number of overnight stays.

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Case Management

Every company encounters internal and external requests and incidents that need to be addressed. For this purpose, we have created an application that allows you to record and track the resolution of all these cases and incidents.

  • Management and recording of internal and external requests and incidents.
  • Assignment of personnel to resolve the respective requests and incidents.
  • Categorization, tags, statuses, priorities, resolution dates, files, and photos for each record.
  • Filtering and archiving of new, assigned, and closed requests and incidents.





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Setting up the organizational structure creates the basic framework for the functioning of the company or holding.

  • Drawing the organizational structure and designating department heads.
  • Specifying data from company registers, including bank accounts, which will be transferred to all types of documents.
  • Determining the validity of certificates for individual companies.
  • Basic and comprehensive contact information across the entire company or holding.

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Why digitize with us?

See what you can achieve through data centralization, digitalization, and automation.


of saved costs after
implementations GPS monitoring


of time saved on
CV processing


saved processing costs on
invoice matching

4D → 1,5D

necessary controlling
at work

7D → 1D

shortening approval of
received invoices

10D → 2,5D

shortening the time of cash cheque
inclusion into cost centers


average savings
per month on expense controlling


average savings
per month in the HR department

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