Modern Cloud Attendance

Forget about traditional methods of timekeeping and welcome the efficiency brought by PULSAWORK software. Our software simplifies the process of recording and calculating your team's weekly work hours. Utilize modern attendance in the workplace for easy recording of work hours, absences, time-off balances, and monthly total calculations—all with ease, precision, and in one place.

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Modern Attendance

Whether you decide to use an attendance terminal or software attendance, you can. You can do it because you have the option to monitor everything under one roof whenever you want.

Efficiently Manage Working Hours

Easily create and monitor employee work schedules with our time and attendance software.

  • Shift Calendar Management.
  • Comparison of planned shifts with actual worked time.
  • Comprehensive management of workplace absences.
  • Accurate calculation of worked hours.
  • Clearly defined breaks and night shifts.
  • Notes on attendance records.

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Higher productivity thanks to our attendance system

Efficiently manage employee productivity by tracking their working hours through modern attendance. Provide flexibility in online login, via a mobile application, or attendance terminal, by scanning a QR code or using a chip.

  • Real-time attendance tracking.
  • Display of attendance records from the attendance terminal based on the terminal's location.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of absenteeism and leave.
  • Daily shift overviews.
  • Real-time overtime monitoring.
  • Tracking of vacation balance states.
  • Advanced comparison of planned shifts versus reality.
  • Advanced and efficient corrections for guaranteed correct reporting.

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Comprehensive Attendance Data

Access all essential attendance data, allowing you to gain valuable insights into labor costs through customized reports.

  • Absence Management.
  • Overtime Management.
  • Enhanced Calendar Visibility.
  • Synchronized Work Shifts.
  • Insightful Absenteeism Analysis.
  • Explore advanced HR reports focused on attendance, absences, and payroll data.
  • Accuracy in calculating all attendance data.

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Permission Management for Attendance

Customize your employee attendance system by configuring custom group permissions to precisely define the tracking of employee working hours.

  • Discover the full spectrum of permissions and roles to optimize your time tracking process.
  • Delegate responsibility to supervisors for viewing and approving employee attendance.
  • Choose which employees have the ability to manually input their attendance records.
  • Have a comprehensive overview of payroll evidence, including advances, deductions, bonuses, and supplements, with approvals ready to speed up and simplify payroll preparation.
  • Access for accountants and export to payroll software provides additional flexibility with your data in your company.

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