Employee Portal

Centralized collection and publication of information across the organization. Your employees will be able to access documents, personal files, contracts, and HR will have more hands-free. PULSAWORK connects and saves time and money.

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Lighten the communication of important information to employees and allow them to log in directly to the platform. Through permissions, you will enable them to see everything important for their agenda, and thanks to securely stored information and documents, they will no longer ask you anything because everything is accessible to them anytime. 


You may wonder about the security when an employee has access. You don't have to worry because through permission management, you can choose who will have access where and whether they will be able to change the data or not.

  • Permission groups based on whether they can only view data, modify it, or delete it.
  • Limitation of views also based on inclusion in the organizational structure.
  • The option to see only one's profile or agendas according to permission groups.
  • Limitation on actions chosen by the employer.

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Document Management

Documentation, contracts, and other documents for each candidate, employee, supplier, customer, as well as internal policies, certificates, and much more can be found in our document management system.

  • Create separate folders with your own names.
  • Easy uploading of documents, including multiple at once.
  • Option for employees to upload documents into pre-defined folders.
  • Option for automatic generation of documents from pre-prepared templates, including in bulk.
  • Secure storage of documents in encrypted storage.
  • Daily security backups to prevent document loss.

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Information from the system

Clear information from the entire system categorized by sections and available with a few clicks.

  • Attendance
  • Timesheets.
  • Trainings and certificates.
  • Assigned assets.
  • Work and other documents.
  • Assigned benefits.

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