Effortless Expense Management

PULSAWORK Expenses: Save time, money, and headaches with PULSAWORK's expense management software.

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Overview of Financial Status in a Few Clicks

Keep track of all company expenses anytime, anywhere.

Clear Approval of Expenses

When your employees generate expenses, each case usually requires separate time for review and approval. But what if there are more of them? How many of these cases do you have to process each month?

With this simple synchronization and control, expenses from invoices and other cost sources seamlessly integrate into cost centers, eliminating the need for multiple control tasks and providing you with an overview and certainty in additional control performed by automation.

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Advantages for Employees

  • Effortlessly manage your own expenses.
  • Access your expenditure history anytime, keeping you informed about the approval or rejection status along with the reasons.
  • Record your expenses seamlessly by capturing a picture of the receipt, attaching the invoice, and you're all set!
  • With our software, you can forget about the tedious task of periodically filling out an Excel sheet every month.

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Advantages for Approvers

  • Effortlessly manage, review, and quickly approve or reject expenses.
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for receipts or being overwhelmed by endless emails, thanks to the consolidation of expenses in one centralized place.
  • Have an instant overview of approvals when an employee submits an expense, allowing quick approval or rejection with just one click, even for multiple records at once.
  • Enhance communication by adding comments to expenses or requesting additional information as needed.
  • Get real-time insights into the representation of your expenses by individual categories and effectively analyze the distribution of your finances.
  • Obtain summaries of accounts for employees, recipients, suppliers, departments, or even accounting units.

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Why Use Expense Management Software?

While our expense management software might not do everything, it certainly accomplishes enough. Read about the benefits of using our PULSAWORK online expense management software.

  • Say goodbye to paper and the hassle of reviewing individual expenses. Centralize all your expenses in one comprehensive software.
  • Enhance communication by adding comments to expense reports or requesting additional information as needed.
  • Boost company profitability by gaining insights into areas generating more profit and identifying where additional investments are needed.
  • Limit the visibility of cost centers to specific groups of colleagues, where financial managers can see the entire company. Efficiently work with permissions to view records.
  • Access key information for informed decision-making, enabling you to focus on revenue growth, and, most importantly, minimize expenses.

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Excellent Expense Management

With PULSAWORK cost centers, you have access to comprehensive expense management seamlessly integrated with the complete set of PULSAWORK features. It's truly an all-in-one solution.


Project Time Tracking

Easily assign projects, confirm working hours with a single click, and the system will automatically calculate the costs and record them in the cost center for a seamless experience.



Efficiently manage employee vacations and gain insights with simple leave cost management.


Electronic Documents

Handle documents securely, swiftly, and in full legal compliance with our user-friendly and secured platform.


Payroll & Expenses

Simplify the management of all factors affecting your company's payroll with our integrated solution.


Robust Reporting

Categorize, analyze, and download comprehensive expense reports whenever you need them for a clear financial overview.


Powerful Filtering

Efficiently filter expenses by date, department, project, or type, ensuring precision and ease of analysis.

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