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Modern cloud platform can easily manage entire recruitment process, employee management, on and off boarding, generate documents, have training and development under control and much more.

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Modern cloud platform allows you to easily manage the entire process of employee recruitment and management
employees, on and off boarding, generate documents, have training and development under your thumb and
much more

Employees Recruitment

Recruitment process under control and with ease

Keep recruitment process under control from A to Z. In our modern platform you can start recruiting future employees, view profile database, publish job offers directly from the platform environment, evaluate individual stages, keep statistics of candidate and recruiter and much more.

  • Candidate database
  • Hiring Rooms
  • Calls and call statistics (PBX)
  • Recruitment and recruiter analysis
  • Customizable response forms
  • Automatic publications on job portals

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On/Off Boarding

No headaches, forgotten tasks and not assigned assets, contracts and overnight stays

Forget sleepless nights during onboarding new employees. In our modern platform you can control onboarding and offboarding process with easy. It will never happen again that someone forgets to complete a task or generate contracts or assign assets or even more.

  • Onboarding process
  • Assignment task solvers
  • Assets assignment to employees
  • Measuring completed tasks progress
  • One-click generation of contracts and documents from templates

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PULSAWORK as a strategic tool for digitization

We understand the modern PULSAWORK platform as a strategic tool for process digitalization

Employee Management

Employee digital cards, payslips, documents and much more in digital form and accessible to everyone online

Employee digital cards and all the necessary information available online to the employer and the employee. Platform helps you exchange information and thus facilitate HR from the time spent sending emails and answering questions that are easy to find. In our modern platform you can manage digital cards of internal and external employees, inclusion in the organizational structure of the company, know about assigned benefits, see opened and finished tasks, have necessary information in digital form and at one place.

  • Digital employee cards
  • Organizational structure
  • List of contacts
  • Assigned benefits
  • Overview of assigned property
  • Completed and uncompleted tasks
  • Management of employment contracts
  • Repository of employee documents
  • Logging in of employees to the system

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No more unexpected situations. Make it easier and clear to work with tools for operational company management.

Keep the team strong and flexible even during difficult operating times. In our modern platform you can take operational tasks in your hands so you will not miss anything. Approvals, reminders, fleet usability, cost centers, incident management and much more.

  • Notifications
  • Approvals
  • GPS monitoring
  • Document generation
  • Incident management
  • Project management
  • Cost centers
  • Cash flow overview
  • Invoice matching

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PULSAWORK as a strategic tool for process management

We understand the modern PULSAWORK platform as a process management tool

Analytics and Reports

Imagine having reports with one click and without having to contact colleagues. You do not have to dream anymore. Your dream comes true with us

Necessity having data on demand increases needed in today's world. Anyone who doesn't know numbers can't control the process. Do you need worksheets, recruitment analytics, completed and uncompleted tasks, engagement and termination tables and much more? In our modern platform you can get necessary data and reports in one click without having to ask your colleagues for this data.

  • Worksheets
  • Recruitment Analytics
  • Project Analytics

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Competency Model

Find the stars in your team and develop their talent step by step

You know that you have talents in your team and would like to develop them but you do not know how? In our modern platform, you will be able to set up an employee development plan and achieve goals that will help everyone improve soon.

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