Ultimate Payroll Management Solution

Tired of handling multiple documents across different platforms? We offer a comprehensive solution to consolidate all payroll-related tasks through a single software solution.

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The Only Software for All Payroll Documents

Forget about Excel spreadsheets, emails, and paper. With PULSAWORK, you have all the data for processing monthly payroll documents in one platform, with approvals, without errors, and securely.

Payroll Records A-Z

As a payroll processor, you will be able to control the entire process of creating records from attendance to a complete payroll basis.

  • Have a comprehensive overview of the record of advances, deductions, bonuses, and allowances with approvals ready to speed up and simplify the payroll records.
  • Summaries of hours worked from attendance for all types of employees, including all absences.
  • Filter by departments, organizational structure, or business entity.
  • Export absences to the payroll program POHODA.
  • Export of absences to the payroll program OLYMP (in preparation)

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Payroll Agenda in Detail

Our tool allows you to obtain regular, comprehensive, and accurate information for processing the payroll agenda without time pressure and at any time.

  • Comprehensive overview of the entire payroll agenda.
  • Complex breakdown of individual items entering the calculation of the payroll basis.
  • Individual overviews and breakdowns of the payroll agenda for individual employees.
  • Downloadable files for further processing.
  • Locking records for complete digital archiving.

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