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Without Excel, automated, with overview, just a few clicks, and everything in between.

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Simple and Modern Timekeeping

Simplify the process of recording work hours using user-friendly tools and eliminate manual data entry and the burden of Excel spreadsheets. Enable easy recording of worked hours for employees in the office or working remotely, enhancing digital accuracy for efficient, precise, and secure data exchange.

Project management

Simple, clear, and all in one place. This is how project management with PULSAWORK can be characterized.

  • Overview of tasks by milestones, owners, and dates.
  • Clear filtering by various parameters.
  • Management of assigned workers and the project leader.
  • All project documents in one place. Statistics of Open/Closed tasks and Estimated/Worked time.

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Tasks with an overview

Assign tasks for the whole team and keep track of tasks, types, and deadlines.

  • Easy task assignment for team members.
  • Categorization and filtering of tasks by custom tags.
  • Tracking task closure deadlines.
  • Task division by priorities and assignments, including closed tasks.
  • "Flash" mode for focusing only on tasks with designated priority.





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Digital Work Records

Strengthen your timesheet evidence with our application for digital records of employees' working hours.

  • Work records are designed with emphasis on simplicity and accuracy.
  • Access the application tracking the performed work from anywhere.
  • Categorize tasks at the level of client, order, project, or activity.
  • Records recorded and reported in hours, in time intervals from-to, with productivity calculation and categorized by type of work.
  • All records are linked to the employee's card and documented.

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Connected Records and Charts

Discover the power of accuracy, simplicity, and efficiency in one platform and one data source.

  • Accurately calculate work hours using the latest information, ensuring precision and reliability.
  • Automate and approve for seamless and efficient management of work records.
  • Generate charts to track worked hours and monitor overall leave usage and availability, providing valuable insights for effective time management.

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Why digitize with us?

See what you can achieve through data centralization, digitalization, and automation.


of saved costs after
implementations GPS monitoring


of time saved on
CV processing


saved processing costs on
invoice matching

4D → 1,5D

necessary controlling
at work

7D → 1D

shortening approval of
received invoices

10D → 2,5D

shortening the time of cash cheque
inclusion into cost centers


average savings
per month on expense controlling


average savings
per month in the HR department

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