Timesheets with One Click

Effortlessly monitor employee work hours and approve timesheets with just one click. Simplify both remote and on-site time tracking, bidding farewell to traditional Excel timesheets.

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Simple and Modern Timekeeping

Simplify the process of recording work hours using user-friendly tools and eliminate manual data entry and the burden of Excel spreadsheets. Enable easy recording of worked hours for employees in the office or working remotely, enhancing digital accuracy for efficient, precise, and secure data exchange.

Digital Work Records

Strengthen your timesheet evidence with our application for digital records of employees' working hours.

  • Work records are designed with emphasis on simplicity and accuracy.
  • Access the application tracking the performed work from anywhere.
  • Categorize tasks at the level of client, order, project, or activity.
  • Records recorded and reported in hours, in time intervals from-to, with productivity calculation and categorized by type of work.
  • All records are linked to the employee's card and documented.

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Connected Records and Charts

Discover the power of accuracy, simplicity, and efficiency in one platform and one data source.

  • Accurately calculate work hours using the latest information, ensuring precision and reliability.
  • Automate and approve for seamless and efficient management of work records.
  • Generate charts to track worked hours and monitor overall leave usage and availability, providing valuable insights for effective time management.

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Orders and Reports

Access reports, orders, cost centers, and much more through our comprehensive software.

  • Review the status of order fulfillment and monthly reports of completed and performed tasks.
  • Create a basis for invoicing for the client in just a few clicks.
  • Examine reports of performed and approved work and specific tasks.
  • Automate the calculation of employee rewards and automatically allocate expenses to cost centers.

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